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The DuraLite foot provides active amputees a light-weight, responsive foot for their prostheses. The foot is lightweight with high-energy return, is easily field-height adjustable, and incorporates a urethane toe pad for enhanced medial and lateral motion. The DuraLite’s split heel conforms to the floor and provides stability on uneven terrain. The choice of a pyramid adapter, pyramid receiver, or torsion receiver is offered for a proximal adapter. A unique feature of this foot is a Stair Guard that reduces the risk of the shin adapter catching on a step when descending stairs. The DuraLite Foot may also be purchased precut to the foot's minimum build height at no charge.


  • Moderate to High Activity

  • Adjust Shank to Suit Patient Needs

  • Exceptionally Lightweight

  • Torsion Receiver Allows More Natural Movement

  • 300 lb Weight Limit

  • Ask about an optional precut version

Product Details:

23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
Product Weight
13 oz
Weight Limit
300 lbs
Activity Level
3, 4
Mounting Type
Female, Pyramid
Dynamic Pylon, Energy Storing Energy Return

Additional information:

Trial Period
1 days
36 months
L Code
Sandal Toe

For more information visit http://www.willowwoodco.com/

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