by College Park

With an enhanced toe lever and tri-axial design, the Venture provides higher frequency dynamic response for more active users. The highly functional, custom gait matched design includes College Park’s exclusive Stride Control feature, providing effortless fine-tuning without disassembly.

This powerhouse of a foot works for those whose daily life can be as varied at their terrain, from the soccer mom to a short order cook to a skateboarder. The Venture brings excellent anatomical rotation to capture the twists and turns of your life.


  • Obtain multi-axial performance in a lower clearance foot design. The Venture foot fulfills low profile requirements, without compromising function and response.

  • College Park is renowned for its Stride Control System. This innovative design feature facilitates adjustable preload, allowing easy fine-tuning of the patient’s gait without removing the footshell.

  • An ankle moves in three planes of motion, making it the most complex joint in the human body. Our revolutionary tri-axial ankle system replicates all three planes, including the elusive transverse rotation.

  • The Venture has a high performance reputation for a reason. Athletes all over the world enjoy the enhanced toe lever and superior dynamic response of this remarkable foot.

  • Medium to high impact level

Product Details:

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Product Weight
21 oz
Weight Limit
275 lbs
Activity Level
3, 4
Mounting Type
Endo (IP), Exo (ALX)

Additional information:

Trial Period
60 days
24 months
L Code
L5981, L5986
Sandal Toe

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